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The global green revolution has seen a lot of big news and changes in legislation regarding cannabis across the globe, especially in Canada.

Canada essentially legalized cannabis throughout the country on the 17th October 2018. It has been a long time coming and was already one of President Trudeau’s main objectives when coming to power in 2015. The lengthy process of developing a legal recreational framework has finally been put in place and Canadians can now access legal cannabis, subject to state bylaws countrywide.

The cannabis culture, or 420 by popular demand, is a day set aside by many people in the United States as a national holiday. The reason, however, is not far-fetched. Speculations describe the day to be birthed from the usual code for "marijuana-smoking in progress" amongst police officers. Another group of people believes that it originates from the birthday of Adolf Hitler which happens to be the same day. Surprisingly, none of these speculations quite justify the truth about 4/20.