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The International Association of Cannabis User is a global network of over 193 million daily Cannabis users in various parts of the world. The association is a platform for cannabis users to receive timely information about current trends in medical and recreational cannabis.

As an association, we work daily to ensure that the interest of our members are represented at all levels in a well-coordinated and professional way. We are committed to increasing consumer awareness on International cannabis options and also educate them on the importance of Cannabis as alternative medicine.

It is our primary goal to make this website a valuable resource and one-stop shop for all types of information related to medical and recreational cannabis. Our daily updates will feature valuable information that relates to the health benefit of medical and recreational cannabis, state regulations and guidelines on cannabis, licensing process for all vendors among others.

Our vision is to help our web users with chronic illness improve their life using cannabis when conventional medicine isn't enough. We are also committed to ensuring people can access consistent and pure medical marijuana, in a professional setting, from the highest level of industry experts.

At present, our website is currently at the development state, kindly check back regularly for new content. If there are things you are on the lookout for and cannot find, we will be glad to add new information and features as needed. Just contact us by submitting a feedback form that can be found on our contact page.

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Our Mission

  • To provide information on the latest trends and development in the cannabis industry to our members
  • To offer an exclusive discount to all members
  • To advocate for partnership between our members and various vendors
  • To host regular educational and networking events for our members
  • And to strengthen the cannabis business community